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The Quilts

The goal: completed quilts that measure 36" x 48"


The quilts can be any design you like, made with any block pattern you choose as long as they meet the preferred wheelchair size of 36" x 48" (give or take).  The small size makes them manageable from a time and budget standpoint and due to their size they can be completed with ease. 


There is great need for quilts for both genders.

Double Bars Quilt

This super simple quilt is perfect for using up some of your scraps. 

All you need are 40 7" x 4" rectangles sewn into pairs to make blocks that are 7" x 7".  Add a 4 1/2" border on all sides and you have a top ready for quilting.  (Click on the photo for the instructions.)

Simple Scrappy Strippy Quilt

Grab those Jelly Roll strips and sew this quilt together in no time.  All you need are strips 2 1/2" x 8 1/2", some skinny sashing strips for between the rows and a 4 1/2" border on all sides and you have a Quilted EMbrace quilt anyone will enjoy. (Click on the photo for instructions)

Super Simple Nine Patch

Nothing could be easier than this giant nine patch quilt. The center of this quilt is perfect for novelty fabric and all you need besides that are two other coordinating fabrics.  (Click on the photo for the instructions)

Quilts You Design

Do you have any orphan blocks? Blocks you got in an exchange that you never used? Gather them together and make a sampler quilt.  If the blocks are 12" square all you need are 6, add a border and bingo!  Remember these quilts can be ANY design you choose - there is nothing you can't use as long as the finished size is 36" x 48"

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