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Covering Our Seniors With a Hug, One Quilt at a Time

The Why

To illustrate the need here are some stats for you: About 1.3 million people receive care each day in over 15,500 nursing homes in the United States that are certified by either Medicaid or Medicare or both. Of those approximately 60% are women and 40% are men. Currently in the US, seniors 75 and older represent 4% of the population.

The Goal

The mission of the non-profit organization is to provide comfort and support to senior citizens living in nursing homes through the gift of a handmade quilt. Many of them are forgotten or alone and almost every city has one or more facilities that would love to share these quilts with their residents. The great thing about our initiative is the donations stay local ~ in nursing homes right where you live.


The Quilts
The goal is 36" x 48" completed quilts.  They can be any design you like, made with any block you prefer as long as they meet the preferred wheelchair size of 36" x 48". The small size makes them manageable from a time and budget standpoint and also the preferred size for residents to use while in a wheelchair.  There is a great need for quilts for both genders.

The Inspiration

After visiting my special needs sister Em in a local nursing home every day for the last 6 weeks of her life, I saw first hand how many of our senior citizens live in the last years of their life.


After she passed I got the idea to launch a non-profit in her honor and soon Quilted EMbrace was born.


Please join me in covering our seniors with a hug, one quilt at a time. 

        ~ Linda Thielfoldt, founder

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